Chicken Big Mac – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac Review: Price: £4.09/£5.39/£5.89 subject to variation. Calories: 544 kcal. The Chicken Big Mac has finally arrived at McDonald’s UK in 2022 and for its debut, it is joined by the returning Double Big Mac. I can’t recall the first time I was aware of its existence in … Read more

Instant Pot Golden Milk – Corrie Cooks

Are you feeling dizzy or have a very bad headache and have lost all the energy after a whole day at work? Or you’re having sleeplessness because of stress or mood swings? Or maybe you’re looking for some health-improving and immune-boosting energizer? Golden Milk is the best solution for every problem! Every single ingredient in … Read more

#BurgerTours: Burger Review #50: Retro Burger

Photo by Andrew Hockridge Date Visited: January 30, 2021 Location: The Danforth, ONBurgerTours Rating: 5.25/10 Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses Good messy $5-$10 Fast Food Veggie Website Drew’s Review Photo by Andrew Hockridge Hello, and welcome again to BurgerTours, tasting our way through Toronto’s best tasting burgers! And for this review, we order in from … Read more

Better Baking Academy: Pecan Hand Pies

For our latest lesson with the Better Baking Academy with Bob’s Red Mill, we’re offering the dreamiest pecan hand pie with the flakiest pastry dough imaginable. Traditional puff pastry, pate feuilletee, is made by rolling, folding, and chilling dough over and over again, creating layers upon layers of butter and dough. As the layers of … Read more

BBQ Big Tasty – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s BBQ Big Tasty McDonald’s BBQ Big Tasty Review: Price: £5.69/£7.39/£7.69 subject to variation. Calories: 771 kcal. McDonald’s UK have launched a new burger called the BBQ Big Tasty. The smartest McD’s fans (YES YOU!!) will have known about a Big Tasty variant on the horizon after our tweet on 18/02 and then the full … Read more