Instant Pot Vegetarian Chili – Pressure Cooking Today™

Home » Instant Pot Vegetarian Chili As an Amazon affiliate, and affiliate with other businesses, I earn from qualifying purchases. This Instant Pot Vegetarian Chili With two kinds of beans, sweet potato, tomato, and dried spices is a sweet and healthy family meal that takes one pot and less than an hour from start to … Read more

Chocolate Pecan Pie – i am baker

Chocolate Pecan Pie has a chocolate gooey filling with pecans, topped with more pecans, and chopped and baked in a no-fail homemade flaky pie crust. Check out my Pecan Pie Recipe for another holiday dessert favorite. Chocolate Pecan Pie This recipe all starts with my homemade pie crust. It works in so many recipes from … Read more

Cranberry Pie – i am baker

Cranberry Pie is a deliciously tart pie that starts with a homemade pie crust filled with sweetened cranberries and topped with a nutty streusel topping. If this sounds good to you, try my French Apple Cranberry Pietoo! Cranberry Pie When it comes to your Christmas menuI am sure there are some cranberries on there. The … Read more

Frozen Ground Beef Chili – Pressure Cooking Today™

Home » Frozen Ground Beef Chili As an Amazon affiliate, and affiliate with other businesses, I earn from qualifying purchases. This super fast and easy Frozen Ground Beef Chili is a kid-friendly dinner that starts with frozen meat and gets added protein and flavor from beans, canned tomatoes, and your favorite dried spices. ❤️ Why … Read more

Rainbow Bouquet – Pride Pie

It doesn’t have to be June to show your love with a Pride Pie. Choose any fruit filling of your choice (I went with red & black raspberries) and top it with your Pride Pie crust topper. It’s that simple and festively delicious! The baked version below did remarkably well in the oven. I did … Read more

Homestyle Crispy Chicken – McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s Homestyle Crispy Chicken McDonald’s Homestyle Crispy Chicken Review: Price: £4.69/£6.09/£6.49. Calories: 691 kcal. “McDonald’s has announced a big menu shake-up” or “McDonald’s are AXING SIX MENU ITEMS and fans are upset” all sound very intriguing and full of sensationalism, but the underlying truth of the matter is that a promotion is naturally coming to … Read more

Instant Pot Minestrone Soup | Tested by Amy + Jacky

Please share & enjoy our recipe Step-by-Step Guide on how to make Instant Pot Minestrone Soup! Easy to make minestrone soup with healthy pantry ingredients. Wholesome Italian vegetable soup that’s filling, refreshing, and budget-friendly. Instant Pot Minestrone Soup Minestrone Soup is a classic Italian vegetable soup with rural roots. It’s a hearty tomato-based soup packed … Read more

GOOEY Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is a giant chocolate chip cookie cake in a pie crust – it’s an epic rich and fudgy pie recipe that’s completely from scratch! It’s my original recipe and will become one of the greatest recipes you’ve ever made! This post is sponsored by Challenge Butter, whose butter is the base … Read more